Meaningful Purpose Survey

Hello from the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose!

We are looking for some assistance in completing some validation on a new psychometrics assessment tool we’ve developed. Complete the survey here.

At the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, we develop and deliver learning experiences and tools related to Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP). You can learn more by visiting our website at

The assessment we’ve created is designed to measure and categorize the current state of personal meaning and purpose for the person responding in five dimensions of work and life. Your responses will help us greatly in the finalization and validation of this tool.

The science of Meaningful Purpose has powerful uses in understanding and improving the meaning people experience in and throughout their lives. We have developed this assessment tool to assess the current state of meaning and purpose, surfacing areas of strength and opportunity. Our goal is that this will be easily accessible and understandable for broad use.

While the final tool is not yet finished, you will be provided the summary of your scores in the five dimensions of the survey along with a brief descriptor for each. Saving that data will allow you to compare that against the final publication to see some interesting results.

You can reach the survey by  clicking here or the earlier link and following the instructions. If you cannot finish it in one session you should be able to exit and come back to it to finish up

We hope that you’ll take the time to be a part of the first group to engage with this new assessment tool.

Thanks for your help!

Luis A. Marrero, M.A, RODP, MLP

Founder and Managing Partner

Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, LLC

Cel: 413-356-8093

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