About the book: The Path to a Meaningful Purpose

Part scholarly psychological research, part self-improvement book, The Path to a
Meaningful Purpose helps you answer four existential questions:

Who am I?

What matters in life?

Why am I here?

How do I successfully fulfill my life purpose?

Author Luis A. Marrero uses psychology to help you understand the meaning and purpose of your life, and how to succeed. Marrero introduces foundations of a new movement in psychology called
logoteleology, chiefly a blend of logotherapy, psychological theories of identity and motivation, as well as teleology, that he calls the science of meaningful purpose. It provides a basis to help you:

• understand why people suffer and institutions fail to reach their potential despite
the availability of practical solutions;
• discover who you are by learning about identities and how they are formed and
• realize what is meaningful and meaningless in life;
• resolve to make decisions that set you up to make the best of what life offers;
• find and commit to a meaningful purpose that serves as a guiding compass for a
fulfilling life;
• learn how to set goals and make choices that are compatible with what is
meaningful to you; and
• determine how you can select and use the right type of motivation that builds and
strengthens your mental stamina and the confidence to win in life.

The Path to a Meaningful Purpose, a foundational guide, is the first in a
planned anthology. It explains why you behave the way you do and how your
behavior impacts your ability to enjoy life to its fullest, offering ways to help
you grow and succeed.

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