Meaningful Purpose Life Coaching

Luis is a Meaningful Purpose Life Coach who helps individuals and couples fulfil their lives’ meaning and purpose.

Can You Relate to This?

You are committed to becoming the best version of yourself and having a positive and lasting impact on your and others’ lives. You are ready and eager to do what it takes to build your skills and abilities to live the good life.

Yet, you’re struggling with …

  • Uncertainty as to what the meaning of your life and calling is.
  • Frustration with missed opportunities and the lack of progress in important areas of your life.
  • Dissapointment that others are not there for you as positive and encouraging agents when you need them most.
  • Exhaustion from professional and personal relationships that deplete your energy.

But there is a way to succeed!

There is a way to improve your life, build resiliency, become the inspiring and confident person you wish to be, and accomplish noble goals that benefit you and others. 

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Hi, I am Luis

Greetings! I’m Luis, an internationally recognized and award-winning author, coach, trainer, assessor, and consultant. With a rich history of collaboration with Fortune 500 companies and individuals across diverse backgrounds, I am widely acknowledged as the pioneer of Meaningful Purpose Psychology, also known as logoteleology.

My work revolves around applying my proprietary theory and methods, aimed at guiding individuals in exploring what gives their life profound meaning and how to actualize that purpose. My passion lies in assisting people in uncovering their innate potential, identifying barriers to a rich and fulfilling life, and devising strategies to eliminate obstacles, elevating the overall quality of their lives.

As your life coach, I am committed to forming a partnership with you. Together, we will delve into your needs and aspirations, crafting a personalized plan to bring them to fruition. I will equip you with proven tools to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, empowering you to enhance your impact on social and professional fronts. With newfound confidence, you’ll be ready to step into your leadership potential, creating conditions that foster the achievement of your goals.


  • I had the absolute pleasure of working with Luis about a year ago. He completely changed my perspective and direction in life. I often felt I was climbing the wrong ladder of success in life, and he provided me guidance by asking questions no one else had ever asked me before. I recommend him to anyone feeling lost or lacking purpose. 10/10, my friend, you changed my life. Leighton Hope, Florida.
  • In addition to the deep admiration and respect I feel for Luis, who has been my coach and with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate as colleagues whenever I have the opportunity, I can bear witness to the value of both the professional and personal application of the Logoteleological method. This method provides the possibility of understanding the motivators of human behavior in-depth, with a series of accessible and verifiable frameworks related to self-knowledge and understanding others. Thus, the most outstanding value the Logoteleological method delivers is the potential for genuine self-determination that transcends trait predispositions. Carmen Rodriguez, Mexico City.
  • Luis is a supportive and inclusive leader and peer. He inspires and encourages through his energy, enthusiasm, and passion for meaningful work. I highly recommend him to those seeking authentic leadership in their organizations. Rachel Newton, Canada.
  • Luis Marrero has been our community’s outstanding pillar and friend ever since he came around. He became a mentor to me about two years ago. Since then, my life has had a lot more direction and clarity with how I interpret situations and give them meaning. Specifically, I can use Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP) methods to evaluate my thoughts and beliefs about myself, others, and situations. I believe that Luis provides an outstanding opportunity for us all — humanity — to ingrain a deep treasure of knowledge and wisdom into our collective consciousness so we can understand better what we are all doing here on this planet and how we can approach problems and issues with better understanding. His method has been invaluable since it allows me to confront life’s challenges in a positive light. MP can help anyone willing to learn and practice the methods to get better meaning, growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction out of life. Adrian Wnorowski, Connecticut

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