Meaningful Purpose: A Primer in Logoteleology, available in Amazon

Available in Amazon and bookstores

What is meaning, and what is my purpose? How are they different? Why do these matter? What can I do to make my life more meaningful? Is purpose something we discover or something we create? How does meaning play a role in being successful in life?

Logoteleology, also known as Meaningful Purpose Psychology, or more simply MP, provides the foundation and understanding needed to answer these and other life-defining questions that we all come across in some way each day in our personal and professional lives.

Explored throughout this book are the basics of meaning, purpose, motivation, and much more that are the groundwork of MP. Marrero and Persuitte lay this out in a useful way for individuals who seek to find and connect to meaning and purpose in life and those who coach and guide others.

A handy introductory guide to Meaningful Purpose Psychology, this text builds on the science first introduced in the award-winning book The Path to a Meaningful Purpose, authored by Luis A. Marrero, incorporating further insights and concepts from this evolving psychological theory and practice.

Starting from the central thesis of MP, “Mankind…does not suffer from a lack of answers. Rather, it suffers despite the answers being available”, this text includes a fresh perspective and greater clarity to the blocks to meaning we experience as part of this paradox. The methodology included in this text shows how we can increase self-awareness of these obstructions of reality and truth.

By using the information and methods explored throughout this text, we are on a meaningful journey toward being the best versions of ourselves – as communicators, leaders, partners, parents, employees, coaches, teammates, friends, and members of the communities, groups, and organizations to which we belong.

Welcome to the path!

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